Cruelty-free, Fair & Honest

La Biosthétique combines the harmony of life and beauty, bios and aesthetics with the ambition to set new standards for the protection of nature.
"The Culture of Total Responsibility" is today the guiding principle of our great creative power. It touches all areas: From the conscious selection and sustainable extraction of natural raw materials to the full offsetting of our CO2 emissions and the consistent translation of ambitious goals into innovation and change. The Culture of Total Responsibility guides our decision-making culture. It conditions our current understanding of holistic success.

No Animal Testing

La Biosthétique has never conducted any animal testing. As a company, we are convinced that we can develop safe and effective products without testing on animals.

Natural Ingredients

At La Biosthétique, we strive to use ingredients of natural origin as often as possible in the development and production of the finest professional products. Since 2018, the overall natural origin content of our products has been 90%.


Since 2008, we have been using 100% certified green electricity. This allows us to save more than 350 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Carbon Neutral

Sustainability is an important factor in our corporate culture. External assessment ensures our entire process, from development to production, packaging and delivery of our products, remains carbon neutral. Moreover, we support recognized carbon offset projects around the world.


Our packaging, from bottles to boxes, is 100% recyclable.

Made in Germany

Quality “Made in Germany” is our philosophy, crafting exclusive products tailored to our customers’ individual needs; including color, styling, hair care and skin care.

Dermatologically tested

100% of La Biosthétique products have been tested by renowned dermatological institutes within the European cosmetic directive.