From the creamiest blonds to the most sultry brunettes, La Biosthétique color stands above, delivering perfect stay-fast color alongside signature care and protection. Demand the best in color vibrancy and expect the softest, shiniest results.

Reflective Shine

Unparalleled Coverage

Lasting Results

Extreme durability & coverage

Ultra-fine micro molecules shaped like slim, pointed discs, penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair and flood the hair shaft with color pigment. Because of their unique size and shape, the hyper-pigment molecules are able to deeply anchor themselves into the cortex and fill the hair shaft with high density color; giving you unparalleled coverage and durability.

Do you know what is in your color?

La Biosthétique color is full of natural ingredients that are chosen for their bio-mimetic qualities, meaning they mimic our own bio-chemistry. Our hair and skin harmonize with natural properties in organic ingredients for healthy, nourished beauty. Gentle on sensitive scalps and nourishing to hair, our formulations of concentrated, natural ingredients provide irritation-free color care. Science meets nature, for the most beautiful, natural results.


Japanese Pepper Berry

Moisture binding

Aloe Vera

Shine & protection

Coconut oil

Tint & Tone Advanced

The multivalent color system

Celebrate endless creativity thanks to a smarter, smaller system that can create ultra-light blonds to deep reds, pastels and vibrant fashion shades, plus every color of the rainbow in between.

  • One tube, four results. Manipulate one set of hyper-pigments to achieve all of your color possibilities. With a simple application, built on the foundation of true color theory, Tint & Tone Advanced is every colorist’s most versatile tool – and the business owner’s smartest acquisition.
  • Care and protect. Gentle on sensitive scalps and nourishing to hair, our formulations of concentrated natural ingredients give your clients irritation-free color care.
  • Extreme durability. Micro-pigment technology with up to 100% coverage for lasting durable color and reflective shine.


pH neutral demi-permanent gloss gel

The sheer glazing effect of Color & Gloss instantly gives dimension to low lights, softens over-toned blonds and acts as a final enhancer to your color work. Completely free of MEA and ammonia, this demi is safe, foolproof, and gives your work radiant color and deep shine.


Gentle high-lifting color for maximum lightening

Achieve the cleanest of blonds with extraordinary care thanks to this ‘pH safe’ system. Clay-based and non-swelling, create the perfect placement for freehand and balayage work.


Tinted, luminous conditioning masks

The special pigments found within Glam Color guarantee a color refresh for 3 to 5 washes. Thanks to the particularly high light reflection of the color pigments, Glam Color gives hair glamorous shine. Deep-conditioning betaine improves combability, silk proteins improve the hair structure and hair strength, while precious peptides from rice protein rebuild damaged and stressed hair.

  • Vibrant highlights
  • Deep conditioning
  • Color protection


Professional only

Protect for your clients’ scalp and hair with the pre- and post-care suite. Our Color Care Ritual is the first and final touch in a flawless and pampering color experience.

First Touch: It takes three simple steps to guarantee a flawless color treatment service. The fragile scalp must be protected to avoid any irritation and the hair shaft re-structured for a perfect pigmentation. Apply a protection to the hairline to ensure no color stains the skin. Optionally, use a deep purifying shampoo to deeply clean the hair and a color thickener for perfect control of the application.

Final Touch: Your clients’ not only expect incredible color results, they also want the color to be long-lasting and their hair to be as healthy as before. Using the right shampoo to clean the hair is crucial in achieving the desired color. Conditioning the hair to seal the shaft cuticles and strengthen the cortex will also provide extreme durability and softness, while a scalp lotion will alleviate any unwanted irritation and ensure a healthy biological balance.

Molecular Mechanism Complex


WHAT IS IT FOR? Oxidative treatments, such as bleaches or colorations, work by changing the hair structure. Such treatments can weaken the hair structure, even when the treatment is carried out as gently as possible. The reason being, sulphur bonds, which act as stabilizing cross–links in the hair fiber not only break open, the keratin molecules that are no longer sufficiently anchored are lost, and the hair loses its stability. Repairing the hair after an oxidative treatment is a complex, time–consuming and sometimes even impossible task.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? With its revolutionary molecular hair protection complex, Molecular Mechanism Complex protects the hair during oxidative color treatments, increases the hair sulphur content and encourages new sulphur bond hair links. Keratin, the natural hair building block, is lastingly stored in gaps within the hair structure. As a result, the hair is proven to become more stable and much softer during the oxidative treatment, with less hair breakage occurring, increased tensile force, and with hair boasting 20% greater softness.