Online Education

We are excited to take our education system to the next level - by providing an online, interactive education platform!

Adjusting education to current trends and staying on top of evolving customer demands has always been our focus. Consequently, we have created a new way to interact with our education team making education easier, readily available and convenient for you. Our goal is to create an education platform that is as flexible as you are, accessible worldwide and one that is equipped with real, relatable content that will leave you feeling confident and eager to take back to the salon floor.

Let’s begin your La Biosthétique Education with our Online Academy. Scan the QR code to access the online courses.


History & Philosophy
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Essential Hair Care
Essential Scalp Care
Essential Styling
Essential Skin Care
Make-Up Inspiration
Beauty Time
Color System Express
Advanced Styling
Essential Treatment


Fundamental Cutting
Contemporary Barbering
Contemporary Cutting
Contemporary Styling
Contemporary Up-Styling
Creative Artists
Trend & Fashion

Ongoing education to help you get your newest team members on-board. The interactive, logical continuation of our Online Academy is packed with our team of educators, giving you a comprehensive overview of our world of COLOR, HAIR CARE, STYLING and TREATMENTS via Zoom while allowing you to ask all the important questions you have pondered inside your head. Available throughout the year.